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Time to Go April 4, 2011

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Hello Friends,

I wanted to announce that I will be shutting this blog down at the end of the week. I will leave this post up so hopefully those who might check in every once in awhile will have a chance to see it.

Why you ask? Sometimes you know it’s just time. I kept this blog going for almost a complete year and it was a wonderful experience. I am grateful for all the friends I’ve connected with on here as well as all the new ones that I have made. It has been a unique experience that I will always treasure. But at this time in my life I need to regroup and refocus. My quest for truth will never end. My relationship with the Church is still in flux as I suspect will be the case for some years to come. That’s alright. My God is faithful to see me through to the journey’s end. I don’t know what’s next for me but I am on the lookout for a new chapter in my life.

I pray that all you keep pursuing the truth (from God’s perspective not from men’s), that the Lord will bless each one of you in all that your hands find to do, and that you will each have continued opportunities to shine brightly as God’s beacons of hope in the darkness.

Thanks for everything!

Until we meet again…

Amy Walker


5 Responses to “Time to Go”

  1. Leonie Says:

    Thank you for having this blog. I’ve learned alot about myself and God by reflecting on your posts. I have found them to be honest, thoughful, insightful and most of all, encouraging. We all have our own row to hoe, so to speak and I’m glad that God has led you to to make this blog, no matter how long its been. I know that God had many wonderful things in store for your future and I thank Him and you for your willingness to open the conversation up about things all Christians wonder about, or struggle with in our journeys. You are a wonderful vibrant person, and I’m grateful for the way you chose to reach out with this blog. I will miss seeing it and reading it, but I am very excited and hopeful for the next phase of your life. I know that whatever it is, Almighty God will use it for good. Thank you again Amy- And may God bless you and yours always and in all ways. (: Love, ~L.

    • Thank you Leonie! You are definitely one of the shining benefits of this blog experience. Thank you for all your support and encouragement. I appreciate you!

  2. Tamra Says:

    I am happy to have met you through your blog. We have gone through similar things and I enjoyed reading your timely thoughts. 🙂 God is good and for everything there is a season. I am happy to have been blessed to have been apart of your life for this season. Blessings on your journey and I hope to meet you someday, hopefully before Heaven! lol.

    • Thanks Tamra, I’m glad to have met you too. I believe we’ll get the chance to meet in person eventually. Thanks for all your comments and support. It’s been helpful hearing from others that share similar experiences. Things aren’t so bad when you know you are not alone. May God be with you and keep you. 🙂

  3. snowgood Says:

    Hi Amy,

    If you’re still there can I say a few closing words?

    I admit I know nothing of “the Church” in the USA, but a little about it here in Britain.

    You’re so right that we need to connect with God, but don’t forget the church is Christ’s bride. All who trust in Jesus are part of the bride, we’re not a perfect family.

    On Sunday a Downs Syndrome girl stood up in worship, outshining the rest of the congregation in genuine zeal.

    Who will it be next week, who will witness to their loving Saviour in your town during the week ahead? It could be you, or someone you’d not expect.

    May you love the saints as The Lord loves you. Try not to “go it alone”, and as Larry Norman sang.

    “I hope I’ll see you in heaven”.

    God Bless you and the family


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